How To Price Your Notebooks

So, depending on the TAXES where you are, if you price your notebook at $19.00 here is the breakdown

.20 - listing fee

.73 - Etsy Fee

.55 - Etsy Fee

$6.00 - shipping within U.S.

$7.47 - notebook price

Total Expenses


Price $19.00 (includes free shipping for your customer)

Total Profit $4.05

So, let's do some possibility thinking and think BIG.

If you were to have ONE of your journals go viral (meaning people are sharing it all over the internet), and you were making consistent sales, or you were sharing it on Pinterest, or you decided to put $1.00/day promoted Etsy ads watching your numbers to make sure you are still making a profit

...Let's imagine and set GOALS like these:

Now, if you make 100 sales = $405

Now, if you make 1000 sales = $4050

Now, if you make 10,000 sales = $40,500

Disclosure: I cannot promise any income, but I can promise you that having GOALS will incentivize and push your mind to greater success! So, write these down in your Journal and put it in front of you every day, so that you can find your winners!

Remember, the 80/20 rule.

Eighty percent of your sales will come from twenty percent of your listings. In other words, if you have 100 listings, the odds are that 20 of those will bring in sales.

Those are your winners. Make MORE of those!

Pay attention to your Etsy dashboard and watch the keywords that are being searched for within Etsy, from Google and Pinterest that brought people to your shop.

And of course, sales mean everything. Views are encouraging, but at the end of the day, you want to get the sale. That's the point, unless, of course, you are doing this only as a creative hobby, which is fine too.

But when you get tired, remember, here are the advantages of using this plan:

Printify gives you BUILT-IN Mock-ups (other POD companies do not)

Etsy gives you BUILT-IN Buyers - Shopify does not (you have to pay for expensive ads or share all over the internet)

If someone buys a non-custom item for you, and you have your sales linked up automatically, you could be ANYWHERE in the world shopping, working out, getting Etsy order, Printify will MAKE it, SHIP it, and Etsy will send you the PROFIT into your bank account. ❤️Love it!

I don't know of any other model that is quite this easy that ships a physical product, do you?

So, let's go! And that is something to celebrate!