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How I Make Sales With Pretty Pins 🌻How To Create A Pinterest Pin for BEGINNERS🌻

Even though I'm a former schoolteacher, I excelled at printing on the boards,

but my ARTWORK?

Hmmm...you could call it a stick figure.

So, when I found out that I could purchase GORGEOUS images and use a simple graphic website to use advertise my items and product courses for FREE on Pinterest, I was OVERJOYED.

Twenty percent (20%) of your efforts should be in CREATING you shop items,

but you may not realize..

80% of your sales will come from your MARKETING your items.

But the good news is that you can LEVERAGE a gigantic platform called Pinterest

to advertise your Etsy Shop Items.

And even if your idea of art is an "ugly stick figure" and you are NOT techy since

you're lucky if you can SEND an email...you're going to love this!

I call it Print Board🌻for Beginners.

Print Board is a mini-video course showing you one thing.

Just one thing, so you don't get overwhelmed with 30 things.

What is that one thing?

How to create PINS like these that you can share on Pinterest within 30 minutes

from watching this video training for your Etsy listing, Affiliate Links or your own courses.

So, now you can have in your hands a way to use ONE TOOL to use ONE social platform

to get more VIEWS which brings potential BUYERS to your Etsy Shop.

Just take a look at the PINS advertising t-shirts of all types:

Did you know...

"The half-life of a Facebook post is 90 minutes while the average half-life of a Pinterest Post

is 3.5 MONTHS." Source: Wisemetrics and Piquoro.

In other words, a Pinterest post, on average lasts 1703 TIMES longer than a Facebook post.

Incredible, yes?

Here are some other Pinterest particulars to pay attention to...(wow..say that FAST 4 times LOL).

Pinterest visitors spend 70% MORE than when they go to other social networks, these are BUYERS.🍒

When someone orders from a PIN that see on Pinterest, the average order of that sale is $50!

And 87% of Pinterest visitors have bought a little something after browsing through the PINS.

Plus, 93% of Pinterest users use Pinterest when looking for something to BUY

(I bought my Tennessee Football Wedding Topper on there 4 years ago!)

And if you're thinking that Pinterest is TOO saturated, listen to this! Only 20% of those

Pinterest visitors ever create a PIN, 80% of them are just their to LOOK and then BUY.

So, if you have an 🍒Etsy shop, a blog, or an affiliate link, or your own course,

you are missing out on thousands of people visiting YOUR shop or offer.

It's as simple as that🎈

And this is NOT just for baby items, this could be for ANYTHING you want to promote

and get in front of BUYERS.

Exciting, yes?

Click the Link below and you'll get INSTANT access.

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Your Instructor

Kristie Chiles
Kristie Chiles

Hi there, I'm Kristie Chiles-Arp, Former First Grade Teacher then, College Professor, now a 6 Figure Marketer, Wife, Mother of 2, and "Mimi" to 5 grandchildren, whose been online since 2010 learning and earning, and it's been Super Fun, but it's now time to teach online what I've been soaking up after hours and hours of researching and doing since 2013.

Give yourself the 🎁 gift of education. Isn't it time you invested in yourself? I love teaching and I would be honored to teach you this new skill and side business opportunity. It's super fun! Ready? Let's go

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