40 Grandmother Keyword Phrases For Print On Demand - Your Treasure Map To Success!

Everything you've always wanted to know about what is a hot seller on Etsy in the POD World

How many people do you know have a grandmother? Hmm...MILLIONS! Why? If you have a mother, you have a Grandmother LOL, and it is a proven fact that MILLIONS of people buy gifts all year long for their Grandmothers. In fact, there is one company that makes millions just in the family niche alone!

So...if you are doing Print on Demand on Etsy (and you SHOULD since it only costs 20 cents to add an item to your shop!), you will LOVE this!

This took me a lot of time to RESEARCH, but you don't have to! Think of it as your TREASURE MAP to hidden Etsy treasure!

This PDF contains 40 keyword phrases that are searched for inside of Etsy every MONTH with at least 100 searches with LOW Competition. That means that you could create 5 shirts per KEYWORD and have 200 NEW Shop Items that you KNOW people are searching for!

In the Print on Demand world, this is known as the GOLD that no one has yet discovered! It means that these type of items are searched for, but other Sellers are not listing shirts/tshirts/sweatshirts/aprons/teatowels/hats with THESE phrases!

That means YOU can be one of the first to do it!

You can use these keywords to make an UNLIMITED amount of Grandmother-type tshirts (and other items) and DOMINATE the Grandmother listings for these keywords.

Why are these gold treasure?


These are real people looking for a sweatshirt for their NONNA like this one I just created:


This MAIN Keyword Phrase of "Nonna Sweatshirt" is searched for 103 times a month with a LOW search result of only 579. Compared to 200,000 listings to compete with, you only compete with 579 and if you make ONE Sale, your odds of being listed on the FIRST page for this keyword search term is pretty good! That means from now on, if you get FAVORITED and make a sale here and there, you will be SEEN on the first page or second page of Etsy every time someone searches for that keyword!

So, what are you waiting for?


And I'll show you where you can buy Done-For-You Images like these that you can use to make t-shirts, sweatshirts, aprons and tote bags!

Get started now!

Now, let's do some possibility thinking, okay? This is what REALLY gets me listing like CRAZY! Remember, there is no guaranteed success online, but I can guarantee that those making bank do POSSIBILITY thinking and think themselves INTO profit. Don't overthink this, just list one or more shirts every day and let them "cook for 90 days" to get found inside of Etsy.

If you have 40 keywords that you know BUYERS are typing in every month and you make 3 listings per keyword (that means make a tshirt or other item for each keyword) = 120 NEW SHOP ITEMS.

POTENTIAL: If you make one sale from each of those 120 keywords each month, and your profit is $5 that is potentially $600/month.

So, what are you waiting for? The grandmother niche can NEVER be saturated. And you will find more hidden "gems" as you list your shirts looking for "tags" to add to complete your listing and get it ranked.

Now, go after it!

Get started now!

Your Instructor

Kristie Chiles Arp
Kristie Chiles Arp

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