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What type of journals are selling on Etsy?

I was talking to my son this morning and we pondered on the fact that

if you can DO what you are GIFTED to do, AND make a living out of it
to pay your bills at the same are indeed blessed!

So many people put in their "time" just to get a paycheck and dream
their life away just wishing every day was Friday while watching the clock to
turn 5:00 pm just to start "living" again.

I remember how awful that felt...

Most of us have worked jobs and for bosses while inwardly

crying out "I wish I could set my own agenda on Monday mornings!"
I believe you CAN "have your cake and eat it too" if you
combine these TWO things:

#1 - Your passion (this is that talent and gift that is God-given which makes it SO easy for you to "do a thing" that you may not even recognize it as a gift or talent).
#2 - Learn how your passion/talent meets a cry of the marketplace as in SOLVING a pressing problem, or want. You want people to SEE your offer, and immediately try to "sell" themselves on how to buy it.

And that is definitely the BEST way to "sell" for those of us who don't like to sell.
I had a revelation this morning...okay, well, it's not all THAT new...but it's been a
while since the thought really stuck and it is this:
I'm NOT a born salesperson. I love to teach, but I hate selling.

Here are two prime examples from my own life:
I'm that Girl Scout who tried to figure out a way to make extra money to pay for the Moms' Girl Scout cookie orders who DID NOT pay me, because I couldn't drum up the courage to ask them the second time for the money owed my Girl Scout Troop for the past cookie sales.
Ughhhhh, was so painful.
I'm also that 9 year-old girl who worked for hours on a small plastic loom, to make
pot-holders to sell to my neighbors for extra income so I could go skating on
Saturday. But I was way too cheap! I would sell 5 potholders for one dollar.
Yep, that was me.

But as I grew up and matured, I realized (and you should too) that what you are
gifted to do is the ONLY thing that will make you feel accomplished and give you
the sense that you are fulfilling your purpose that you were born to serve
(your destiny), and it is proper and fitting to be rewarded for your hard work.

I believe that is because God created us to be creative, and gifted
us with unique abilities and talents.

We are as unique as each snowflake is unique, and it is when we try to fit in and
have a "me-too" mentality that we mostly fail.

Just because we can mechanically "do a thing" doesn't mean we love doing it.
And we feel empty.
And we accomplish little.

However, this year I am doing things differently and I want you to join me.
In 2020 I want you to take those two WONDERFUL components I described above
and put them together.

The result? Will be DYNAMITE!

What is it that other people NEED that you can solve?
Now, you must be very specific about this. Those who "specialize" are in
high demand (think brain surgeon).
And although marketing is NOT
brain surgery, the NEED to create something that meets the needs
of others is highly specific.
(Remember, the riches are in the niches?) sell something online that fits your personality, gifts and

#1 - It has to be both something you love doing (or you learn HOW to do),
#2 - Married to something that people are already buying.
(As in, don't try to re-invent the wheel.)
Instead, just decorate the wheel (or journal) with your own unique style.

What in the world am I talking about?
Hmmmm...okay, I know I've been talking a lot about that...but how does all of this fit?
Let's get into details as to how to make this work for YOU.
First, go into Etsy and search for "journals" and "bullet journals" and
go through not just Page 1, but all the way through to Page 250 and LOOK for all of
the niches of simple, NO content (just ruled paper) journals that are selling.

If you put the word "journals" into the Etsy Search bar you'll see this:

(There are 438,694 Results which means high competition
which means they are selling, which means YOU have to
find a niche to drill down have to "specialize" in
a niche(s).

But, how do you know what is selling?

You'll see this:

Or, you can look at the REVIEWS to see what people are saying they purchased.

Now your mind will object:

But no one is buying anything, it is January after all, and people have NO money after Christmas. dear online Friend, (journal trainee) ...

look again at the shopping carts hopping up and down for

"Holiday Gifts for Co-Workers" Etsy shop as of the morning of January 2, 2020 when most people are back to work after the holidays:

So, I made up a quick PDF with a LIST of these 240 keywords for each listing that are selling with their adorable "shopping carts" hopping up and down, or recent sales from the reviews that you can MODEL after starting make your own shopping cart hop and down.

I only chose those that have MILLIONS of monthly searches inside of Pinterest so as not to waste time making bullet journals that no one wants to buy, and instead work smarter, instead of harder this year. Don't just throw up any 'ol thing.

For your online business to be truly different, you must take time to create something similar to what the marketing is already LOVING and PURCHASING that has your own unique design and flair (even if it it's just a fancy-smancy new font from thehungryjpeg.)

My beautiful daughter advises me as to what is "hot" and what is "not" in designs and assure you that if you don't have an advisor like my Rach, this is the next best thing.
Now, I've been at my desk all morning compiling this list, but if you would like a copy of 31 Days To Bestseller Journals List PDF with a list of 31 of the hot sellers that I've found today through lots of research which gives you the EXACT keywords and ideas to create a similar journal to sell PLUS the EXACT keywords to use in your Title, Description and Tags for your new journal listing that you can create in 15 minutes or less, I've decided to share it.

You can get one here for $97, $87, $77, $67, $57, $47, $37 introductory offer.

And this is a list of the THIRTY-ONE (31) no content journals selling right now inside

of Etsy that are EXACTLY like the no-content, ruled journals I teach in

So, if you haven't joined us in there, you can jump in here.


as of today's release date January 2, 2020, and is never-seen-before PDF,

and is not included in any course.

This gives those who are not in a course the opportunity



Why? You may be thinking, I would love to sit and research, but

for crying out loud, Kristie, I just don't have the time after work!

That's what made me think of offering this to own private

"stash" of bullet journal ideas for 2020! (a big smile!) I would love

to have had this when I got started in the "journal world."

And just think if you do this BEFORE the next major holiday! ❤️It will

give you a head start!!!

You could be writing me a testimonial about your sales!

So, if you would like to reserve your own copy for $37 enroll with us now and read the

Just think, one a day and you will have 31 Journals up and listed on your Etsy Shop!



PLUS, you'll get this B O N U S Printable to print out and use!!

I'm adding in a BONUS to this PDF to make it even

more exciting for you!

You'll also get to see inside the Member's area how to go DAILY into a special website to SEE what is selling by the hundreds per day in Etsy (in journals and notebooks)....oh my! What fun!

It is called the SNEAK PEAK BONUS 🍭and you'll see it as the last Bonus inside the Member's area. 🍭\

And I just added one more Bonus (whaaattt???) yep!

One example of journals that are selling says "Funny things i can't say out loud!' and that makes me laugh every time I read that!

And that, is the secret to best'll discover TWO (2) "secret sauces" for a recipe success.

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Kristie Chiles

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